Zion National Park Kid’s Camping Adventures

When we think of national parks in all their beauty and grandeur we often don’t associate them with our kids. Bringing them along to see the majesty of what this world has created. Oft times because it’s seen as a rugged and harsh place out in nature, out in the wild where there are outside dangers that we often are prepared for. But if you are willing to do some homework and find the right hikes and guided adventures then taking your kids to a place like Zion National Park is a fantastic idea. That’s what we did recently as we used a Utah national park hotel as our staging area before our endeavors out into the mother natures playground. The kids were prepared and ready for some hiking, biking, and all around good time. And us, the parents were prepared to whip them out everyday so they would sleep like they’ve never slept before. And as well they would begin to get an appreciation for the big beautiful world they have all around them; that their video games just don’t compare to real life.

HikingPhoto Credit: Moyan Brenn

Zion National Park is a hot spot for tourists and adventurers from all over the world. It is also a perfect location to visit when in need of a perfect vacation home, or when you are planning a retreat. But what happens when you have to go on a cherished hiking adventure, or an ATV guide around the park, and your little six year old insists on making the trip with you? Well, we all know that taking the risk to go on such a long tiring walk, or potentially dangerous ride with your kids could place you both in great danger, and completely shatter your plans to have as much fun as you would desire. In fact some tours or adventures are prohibited for kids below eleven, and some for even those below sixteen.

What then are the options at hand? Do you shut your kids up in your room or cabin and take off, to let them battle with fate till you return? Or do you give up that adventure which you have been planning for a very long time? Well, if you consider either of the above options, you would both be on the loosing side; and the whole fun idea of the trip would not be achieved. Besides you know how dangerous it is to leave a toddler unsupervised in a room for even a second. Well then, any other options?

So what are you waiting for? Round up your kids and take them to a national park where they can experience the awe inspiring mountain monoliths for themselves.