Trail Running Tips

MarathonPhoto Credit: Jan Willem van Wessel

Trail running is about function and not fashion, making it critical to choose the right trail running shoes for your beneficial running experience. Trail running shoes have better traction and are used on rocky terrain and off-roadrunning, walking and light hiking. It has rubber lugs for better support on loose gravel and slippery rocks. The upper portion is made of sturdy materials for protection against sharp rocks and sticks. These are some of the things that I learned while on a Saint George Utah vacation.

 It is ok to run the smooth trails while using your favorite road shoes, but investing on trail shoes can prepare you for the rough off-roads ahead.  Trails are unpredictable and demanding.  If you consider trail runs more often as part of your training or for seeking out some adventure, then buying at least one trail shoe could be a wise decision. Herein are reasons why getting trail shoes for your regular trail runs is a wise investment:

 Trail shoes or off road shoes have three main benefits:  stability, traction and protection.

Below is a comparison between the NB1064 which is a road shoe and the new NB910 which is a trail shoe or for off-roads.


Trails have uneven surface.  The road will have rocks, cracks, and sloping edges.  Sharp rocks can be painful in the soles and the sloping edges can make you slip.  Trail shoes adds more features to keep your feet stable like some posts on the medial or lateral side to reduce chances of twisting your ankle.


It is obvious that trail shoes need more traction than road shoes since you�d encounter slippery surfaces, mud and dusts.  Thus most trail shoes have deeper lugs to prevent slipping.  The soles would have patterns like that of a tire and makes it heavier than road shoes.



Trail shoes have thin plates in the soles to prevent sharp rocks from poking thru your soles.  Others have steel or thick rubber constructions on the toes.


So choose the right  shoes for your daily activities so that you will be comfortable and have fun at the same time.