Tips for Buying Jewelry

They call it their best friends, some their first love, some their passion whereas others their obsession. Each one has her own verdict. Each one shares a different bonding. No, I am not talking about their boyfriends, but something that stays for good with them– Jewelry. Jewelry; the perfect gift for your lady, the most valuable belonging of a woman; comes in different shapes, sizes, prices, brands, metals, stones and more. The more options jewelry have and craved for, the more difficult you feel to find that perfect piece. However, believe me buying jewelry; be it for yourself or gifting purpose was never made so easy! It’s even exciting to do what some call specialized traveling to find the best jewelry, that is really when things get serious though. Although that is what I did when I had to go traveling for a St George wedding band. Let us take the drill. There can be broadly 2 scenarios:

custom-wedding-band-4Photo Credit: Chris Parry

1.     If you are buying for yourself

Much a simpler task! You know thyself better and this is what the most important aspect when you set in to buy your jewelry. Know your purpose, occasion, the piece of jewelry you desire to own and not to forget, your budget. If you are a brand savvy jewelry hound, you already know where to go for your pick. Otherwise, it is always advisable to explore a bit before deciding on the final pick. Not many jewelers know the in and out thoroughly of what they are selling. So it is crucial to check and compare their products and knowledge with their peers.

2.     If you are buying to gift or for others

Now this is quite involving! You aren’t sure of what to buy and where to start. However, identify the person and his/her likes. An important point to take care of is your intention. Just do not purchase for the sake of impressing her but do it to vest your love and because she would love it. Try to personalize the jewelry piece by customizing it. For example, use her Birthstone; engrave her name, initials of her name or her favorite pet. This in turn also unleashes your love and time you have taken to pick the gift with all the homework. Sure shot way to impress her. And if you still feel it to be not your cup of tea, then my dear fellows try to take her for shopping and gift her something that locks her eyes. This can be an expensive deal although.

Having said this, it is equally important that you are aware of the following checks before going for the final round – payment!

·   Check for the purity of the metal, carats and weight of the stones

·   Check if it is hallmarked

·   Reliability of the source from where you buy

·   Future returns derivable from the jewelry

I would also recommend you to understand the charges applicable besides that of the metal/stones used. These include the making charges, brand royalty among others. So all in all, it is very easy to adorn yourself or the beloved with the most beautiful gems. I would only say to go by the aforesaid points and also the current style in vogue.