Six Ideas to Prepare Your Family For Vacation

The preparation and the countdown for a family vacation leaves many parents unnerved, where you about need to schedule some time off to get ready for your leisure. Ironically, it is clear that a family getting ready for the holidays is, frankly, exhausting and filled with a huge set of tasks, hand-offs, packing lists, arrange pet care, care in details home, just in case of emergency plans, all need to be in synchronized coordination apparently as much as the space shuttle launch. These are some quick tips or family vacation ideas to help you get where you need to get in style.

FamilyPhoto Credit: photon_de
Here are six great ideas to simplify the preparation and de-stress before your family vacation. Along with some of my other test preparation shortcuts vacation time and services, preparing for family trip vacation can be easier than ever.

  1. Use a holiday counter-List preparation: Put all the key chores a counter list to coordinate and communicate the number of items such as postal mail, newspaper, pets, plants, and safety home will be treated while they are gone. Including an “outside the gate” checklist with all the last minute or two reminders for tasks such as watering plants, cleaning fridge, setting thermostats and recalling entries.
  2. Create a single page Pet Sitter Instruction Sheet: Leaving your pet with a pet sitter requires write transfer instructions and need to know the information for your pet. Feeding information, exercise instructions and emergency contacts should be written, revised and easy access to your pet sitter. This way you can easily communicate Fido schedule and essential elements of pet care. Adding a tracking graphic mini-pet to pet care to mark and record the daily activities and time for supplying water and play activities.
  3. Three. Get the kids to pack for themselves: Impossible, you say? Not with a little planning, smart list and a little fun.In my house, is “Every packer for themselves” with a little help from a checklist of saving time, a designated area for the staging of its packaging and checkpoint mom before closing up bag. If the bags, which have a better chance of finding items in your bag and avoid the endless questions like “Where is my swimming suit?”.
  4. Creating a Family Share bag essential: No need to pack 4 different bronze’s or toothpaste tubes. Tagged and create a family holiday bag Essential share. Items like hairbrushes, headbands, shampoo, suntan lotion, toothpaste are easier to handle in large zipper bag. And let the kids (who are now packing themselves) know where these items are shops and packaging.
  5. Create a Contact List Home and Maintenance: Every home needs a centralized list of home maintenance and emergency contacts including family, neighbors information with phone numbers, the security company contact information codes Incidentally, plumbers, etc. Just in case the unexpected happens, that will have these important numbers at your fingertips. And those who have been asked to “keep an eye” on the house — so do.
  6. Create a snapshot Itinerary, Travel plan: Gone are the days of writing a resume with your flight schedule, hotel information and details of the trip — and then print them yourself and email it to important members of the family. Now there are a number of free services and small fee, you can do this for you without writing anything. My favorite is a web and mobile app called TripIt. TripIt makes all the details of your flight, hotel, car and instant travel itineraries that can be viewed on your mobile or email easily and shared with others from your PC or smartphone.

Get your family on vacation to a smart start! Armed with these time-saving helpers, you can get the family and the house ready, ready and willing guys the pet with less preparation and less stress. And then use the time to relax and enjoy your fun in the sun.