Long-haul flights: Tips, tricks and exercises for long flights

Las Vegas, New York, skiing in Utah, or hiking in southern Utah – who would not like to discover distant lands? However, long-distance travel usually associated with long flight times makes it a little more than some can handle. With these tips, tricks, and exercises you can bypass long-distance flights easily. It was these tips we used when we decided to get married near Zion where the wide open sky was our playground. 

2006 Malaysian Airlines - Flying home to Europe

Absolutely essential to long-haul flights: Drink plenty of water!

Instead of the ideal 40 to 60 percent, its usually only 15% humidity that prevails in aircraft cabins. As a result, the skin and mucous membranes dry out quickly. Therefore protect yourself from dehydration and drink plenty of water or fruit juice spritzers. Alcohol is not a solution. Due to the altitude of alcoholic beverages to rise faster head. Alcohol also dilates the blood vessels. This particular can swell on long-haul flights, the legs.

Moisturizer in your hand luggage

Due to the low humidity in the cabin, the skin feels on long haul flights mostly to very dry. So take a moisturizer with your hand luggage. But remember that the tube can only hold a maximum of 100 milliliters, otherwise it is rejected at the security checkpoint.

Glasses instead of contact lenses

Due to the dry air, most people find a pair of glasses on long-haul flights more pleasant than contact lenses. Dry eye also can help with artificial tear drops. These are available in the pharmacy.

Tips from the pressure balance

Against the pressure on the ears help primarily conscious yawning, sucking candy and chewing gum.When climbing also helps dry swallowing. The descent, however, alleviates the Valsalva method the increasing external pressure: hold your nose and squeeze pure air until it cracks in the ears.

Is it the perfect place for long-haul flights?

Not only great people moan at the lack of leg room on the plane. In the economy class usually have a little more space those who have reserved a seat at the emergency exits. A window seat in turn lends itself very well to sleep. Passengers sitting on the floor, but have the ability to without disturbing anyone from time to stand up and can also stretch the legs into the aisle.

Cardiovascular and stretching exercises

No matter where you sit: Move it regularly on long flights, because the long seats, the back muscles tense. A few stretching exercises loosen the tension. For example, the fold hands before your stomach, stretch with hands folded arms slightly bent forward, then turn the palms away from the body and the arms raised so obliquely upward. Also nice: a short walk through the cabin. This will also equal the circulation going again.

Prevent thrombosis

Circles also from time to time with the knuckles or lift the toes. This can prevent thrombosis. Also support stockings from the drug store can help. However, anyone who is prone to weak veins, should wear compression stockings on long-haul flights. Additional tip: Do not Roll the legs.

Clothing choices

Be extra careful when choosing clothes that the temperatures during the day and night flights in the aircraft cabin may fluctuate. Therefore, it is advisable to wear several layers of clothing to each other. In addition, comfortable clothing is just very important on long-haul flights.

Final tip for long-haul flights

In order to increase after a long flight somewhat refreshed from the plane, should cosmetics such as toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and any makeup and a comb necessarily in your hand luggage.

Photo Credit: Thierry Gregorius