Guide to Diamond Jewelry Buying

Purchasing diamond jewelry can be a little overwhelming to some people and it is only natural because it will not be like buying a simple jewelry piece. You need to at least understand things regarding certificates, grading scales, color and inclusion. It is always better to have a good comprehension about diamonds before you start to shop. That is what I learned after shopping for St George engagement rings awhile back while traveling with my fiance. We call is traveling with a purpose, a diamond ring purpose.

Diamond jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most popular jewelry forms. It is usually associated with romance, and a piece of jewelry with diamonds is highly appreciated for its style, brilliance, and specific meaning. Diamond jewelry’s popularity though and its persistent presence in our lives does not make it any easier for anyone to simply pick and buy.

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Diamond buyers are constantly facing the issues of modern designs and the right budget as well as how they can express their individual tastes. It is no wonder therefore, that people shopping for diamond jewelries are overwhelmed.

In that respect, I present a simple diamond buying guide for jewelry shoppers that will help them have a better knowledge of what to look for; after all, one should enjoy buying diamond jewelry.

Brief History of Diamond Jewelry

For centuries, people from all walks of life have been charmed by diamond jewelry. Centuries ago, it was only the most influential and rich people that can afford such pieces of jewelry. It was in the 15th century that the world has become really and completely aware of the brilliance of diamond jewelry when Maximilla of Austria married Mary of Burgundy; wherein the groom presented his bride with a dazzling diamond engagement ring.

Up to that time, people were not very much aware of the laborious processes involved in mining, cutting and polishing the stones before being crafted into diamond jewelries. Maximilla though has started a trend and that trend has carried on today.

Basic Considerations when Choosing Diamond Jewelry

There are five basic questions to be considered prior to purchasing diamond jewelry, and they are the following:

·       What type of Diamond should be purchased?

There are many different types of diamonds that are available in the market today. The type you must choose should be based on the occasion the piece is intended for. Diamond rings are usually associated with romantic commitments and unless a man wants to marry a lady, it should not be an option. A diamond studded pendant or bracelet though will be appropriate as a gift.

·       What is the budget required?

If you want to really have an enjoyable diamond jewelry shopping experience, you should first evaluate your shopping budget. Once you have determined your financial capacity then you will be able to really choose the best diamond jewelry that fits your budget.

·       What is the best style?

Diamond jewelries come in different styles, which may make it more difficult for anyone to choose the best style. If you are buying one for yourself, you may be able to easily accomplish the task of choosing the style. But, if you are making it as a gift, it could be a little harder to decide. Sometimes the best way to do this is to ask for suggestions from family and friends.

·       What is the right size?

Usually when it comes to the size of the diamond jewelry, a person should not worry too much. Size is only important when buying a diamond engagement ring. For other types of jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, size is easy to determine.