Affordable Travel Vacation With Your Family

When the school holidays approaching, many parents with children begin to think how to spend time with their children, and certainly one of the most popular options is to take a vacation. However, there are some travel vacation destinations that challenge the trend that you can’t see something or do something amazing like a Zion jeep tours without braking the bank, because you can.

Affordable Fort Wayne Family Vacations

Because we all know that is not the same traveling alone, as a couple, what with children, we must pay special attention to the preparation of the trip, the choice of hotel and the destination. There are places designed for a second honeymoon, others where one would you go with your best friends and others who seem to have been designed for children who love to travel.

It’s best to start preparations, weeks or months before the day of the game, and do it with the help of small. Interestingly alternatives and give them ideas that may be of interest to them, and that they themselves decide where to go and what to visit. This process, if done in time, the children will end up deluding and consider that the trip is also something of yours, something they have decided.

Studies have shown that it is beneficial to health to leave behind their daily lives at least once a year and go on a family trip of some kind. But with affordable family holidays still low (so it seems), how can anyone today afford to have your family on vacation?

Is that so much money! It may not seem but when you start adding up all the costs of gas if you go by car, plane , so if flying housing, money for food for restaurants, shows , rental cars if needed. Whoa, everything comes to a huge amount!

Most people save for your vacation, but if you have had to use their savings to bills, so what? Is there really no way to take a family trip low cost?

Yes there are. A staycation where you stay at home and enjoy the sights that will never is a way to have fun, escape from daily stress, and save money.

Another way to take the family on a vacation for fewer dollars is to choose places that are out of the way and less touristy than the cost of the food, hotel, and entertainment is very low. If you are interested in going to a theme park, the choice of Disney World in Orlando will be a lot more expensive than choosing a place like Dolly wood in Tennessee.

Another good alternative is to rent an apartment or a house on the beach. The way to reduce costs is to invite other family members or friends to go along with you and share the cost of rent and groceries. The impressive thing about this is that saving money pitch in both of you. Above all, the beach is free, and there are plenty of activities that are cheap or free.

Now, do not go to the beach and cook every meal at home, because you should eat at times, but this is a great way to cut costs and make this one of the best affordable family vacation.

Child’s passport: What should parents consider when traveling abroad

I can fly

Whether Canada, Mexico, or Southern Utah – No matter where parents spend the holidays with their children, a passport for the offspring must be in the luggage. Because since the 26.06.2012 the child’s entry in the parent’s passport is invalid and the child is no longer entitled to cross the border. What mom and dad often do not know: Even babies need them when traveling abroad. These are some of the hoops we had to jump through traveling from Canada to Zion National Park with our babies (twins).

Child passport for babies
Everyone needs a passport! Such is anchored in the new passport regulations, which brings many parents since 26.06.2012 before the holiday sweat. By that date, it was enough if the little ones were noted in the parent’s passport. Since June of children must now have their birth with a private passport document when they want to travel abroad.

Apply child passport: Three to four weeks waiting time schedule
Which means parents need to apply for your young one e-pass (electronic passport) or a child passport. So whoever is planning a trip with your children abroad in the near future, which should run quickly into public office, because generally it takes about three to four weeks until the new child passport is ready. This is up to 12 Age required is valid for six years and may be renewed once.

What is needed for a child passport in public office
Whoever is the first one applying for a passport for his child needs:

a) $50
b) the child’s birth certificate 
c) a current passport sized picture
d) agreement (declaration) of the guardian 
s) custody proof with only one guardian

Apply child passport: If it is to go fast
if the trip but just before and are not yet available to the child’s passport, it is possible in exceptional cases, to apply for a provisional child passport. Citizens offices need to use the same documents. However, the immediate pass for children currently costs around $60 and is valid for only one year.

Note: Some countries require child passport and visa
Many countries require in addition to the child’s passport, a visa. Time prior to travel inquiries about the Foreign Office should be sought.

Photo Credit: Pammy B

Six Ideas to Prepare Your Family For Vacation

The preparation and the countdown for a family vacation leaves many parents unnerved, where you about need to schedule some time off to get ready for your leisure. Ironically, it is clear that a family getting ready for the holidays is, frankly, exhausting and filled with a huge set of tasks, hand-offs, packing lists, arrange pet care, care in details home, just in case of emergency plans, all need to be in synchronized coordination apparently as much as the space shuttle launch. These are some quick tips or family vacation ideas to help you get where you need to get in style.

FamilyPhoto Credit: photon_de
Here are six great ideas to simplify the preparation and de-stress before your family vacation. Along with some of my other test preparation shortcuts vacation time and services, preparing for family trip vacation can be easier than ever.

  1. Use a holiday counter-List preparation: Put all the key chores a counter list to coordinate and communicate the number of items such as postal mail, newspaper, pets, plants, and safety home will be treated while they are gone. Including an “outside the gate” checklist with all the last minute or two reminders for tasks such as watering plants, cleaning fridge, setting thermostats and recalling entries.
  2. Create a single page Pet Sitter Instruction Sheet: Leaving your pet with a pet sitter requires write transfer instructions and need to know the information for your pet. Feeding information, exercise instructions and emergency contacts should be written, revised and easy access to your pet sitter. This way you can easily communicate Fido schedule and essential elements of pet care. Adding a tracking graphic mini-pet to pet care to mark and record the daily activities and time for supplying water and play activities.
  3. Three. Get the kids to pack for themselves: Impossible, you say? Not with a little planning, smart list and a little fun.In my house, is “Every packer for themselves” with a little help from a checklist of saving time, a designated area for the staging of its packaging and checkpoint mom before closing up bag. If the bags, which have a better chance of finding items in your bag and avoid the endless questions like “Where is my swimming suit?”.
  4. Creating a Family Share bag essential: No need to pack 4 different bronze’s or toothpaste tubes. Tagged and create a family holiday bag Essential share. Items like hairbrushes, headbands, shampoo, suntan lotion, toothpaste are easier to handle in large zipper bag. And let the kids (who are now packing themselves) know where these items are shops and packaging.
  5. Create a Contact List Home and Maintenance: Every home needs a centralized list of home maintenance and emergency contacts including family, neighbors information with phone numbers, the security company contact information codes Incidentally, plumbers, etc. Just in case the unexpected happens, that will have these important numbers at your fingertips. And those who have been asked to “keep an eye” on the house — so do.
  6. Create a snapshot Itinerary, Travel plan: Gone are the days of writing a resume with your flight schedule, hotel information and details of the trip — and then print them yourself and email it to important members of the family. Now there are a number of free services and small fee, you can do this for you without writing anything. My favorite is a web and mobile app called TripIt. TripIt makes all the details of your flight, hotel, car and instant travel itineraries that can be viewed on your mobile or email easily and shared with others from your PC or smartphone.

Get your family on vacation to a smart start! Armed with these time-saving helpers, you can get the family and the house ready, ready and willing guys the pet with less preparation and less stress. And then use the time to relax and enjoy your fun in the sun.

Zion National Park Kid’s Camping Adventures

When we think of national parks in all their beauty and grandeur we often don’t associate them with our kids. Bringing them along to see the majesty of what this world has created. Oft times because it’s seen as a rugged and harsh place out in nature, out in the wild where there are outside dangers that we often are prepared for. But if you are willing to do some homework and find the right hikes and guided adventures then taking your kids to a place like Zion National Park is a fantastic idea. That’s what we did recently as we used a Utah national park hotel as our staging area before our endeavors out into the mother natures playground. The kids were prepared and ready for some hiking, biking, and all around good time. And us, the parents were prepared to whip them out everyday so they would sleep like they’ve never slept before. And as well they would begin to get an appreciation for the big beautiful world they have all around them; that their video games just don’t compare to real life.

HikingPhoto Credit: Moyan Brenn

Zion National Park is a hot spot for tourists and adventurers from all over the world. It is also a perfect location to visit when in need of a perfect vacation home, or when you are planning a retreat. But what happens when you have to go on a cherished hiking adventure, or an ATV guide around the park, and your little six year old insists on making the trip with you? Well, we all know that taking the risk to go on such a long tiring walk, or potentially dangerous ride with your kids could place you both in great danger, and completely shatter your plans to have as much fun as you would desire. In fact some tours or adventures are prohibited for kids below eleven, and some for even those below sixteen.

What then are the options at hand? Do you shut your kids up in your room or cabin and take off, to let them battle with fate till you return? Or do you give up that adventure which you have been planning for a very long time? Well, if you consider either of the above options, you would both be on the loosing side; and the whole fun idea of the trip would not be achieved. Besides you know how dangerous it is to leave a toddler unsupervised in a room for even a second. Well then, any other options?

So what are you waiting for? Round up your kids and take them to a national park where they can experience the awe inspiring mountain monoliths for themselves.

Trail Running Tips

MarathonPhoto Credit: Jan Willem van Wessel

Trail running is about function and not fashion, making it critical to choose the right trail running shoes for your beneficial running experience. Trail running shoes have better traction and are used on rocky terrain and off-roadrunning, walking and light hiking. It has rubber lugs for better support on loose gravel and slippery rocks. The upper portion is made of sturdy materials for protection against sharp rocks and sticks. These are some of the things that I learned while on a Saint George Utah vacation.

 It is ok to run the smooth trails while using your favorite road shoes, but investing on trail shoes can prepare you for the rough off-roads ahead.  Trails are unpredictable and demanding.  If you consider trail runs more often as part of your training or for seeking out some adventure, then buying at least one trail shoe could be a wise decision. Herein are reasons why getting trail shoes for your regular trail runs is a wise investment:

 Trail shoes or off road shoes have three main benefits:  stability, traction and protection.

Below is a comparison between the NB1064 which is a road shoe and the new NB910 which is a trail shoe or for off-roads.


Trails have uneven surface.  The road will have rocks, cracks, and sloping edges.  Sharp rocks can be painful in the soles and the sloping edges can make you slip.  Trail shoes adds more features to keep your feet stable like some posts on the medial or lateral side to reduce chances of twisting your ankle.


It is obvious that trail shoes need more traction than road shoes since you�d encounter slippery surfaces, mud and dusts.  Thus most trail shoes have deeper lugs to prevent slipping.  The soles would have patterns like that of a tire and makes it heavier than road shoes.



Trail shoes have thin plates in the soles to prevent sharp rocks from poking thru your soles.  Others have steel or thick rubber constructions on the toes.


So choose the right  shoes for your daily activities so that you will be comfortable and have fun at the same time.


The Things To Do In Ketchikan

During our time in Ketchikan at an Alaskan fishing lodge we soon found there was many more alaskan activities to do than just slay the mighty king salmon. Soon we became overwhelmed at how much we could do realizing we had so little time to accomplish so much. Here are some of the best things to do while in Ketchikan Alaska.

Boating / Diving

While in Ketchikan, you can engage in some undersea exploration with the help of the Wind & Water Dive Center, or enjoy sailing with the Ketchikan Ocean Racing Circuit.


If you seek solitude while in Ketchikan, reserve one of the remote cabins the U.S. Forest Service maintains within 75 miles of the community. Some sit on the seashore, others are on the shores of lakes and the banks of streams and estuaries. A number are so remote, they are only accessible by floatplane. The accommodations in the cabins are truly rustic. They include plywood bunks, oil or wood stoves, and outhouses. Contact the Forest Service to reserve one of them.

Ketchikan Alaska range and activitiesPhoto Credit:Steve Betts


Exploring the sea is not the only thing you will want to do while in Ketchikan. You will also want to hike the miles of trails surrounding the town maintained by the Ketchikan Outdoor Recreation and Trails Coalition. The trails traverse a little bit of everything, from seashores to mountaintops.


If you want to catch a baseball game, or play a little basketball, it is available here, too. There are tons of sports leagues and recreational groups such as the youth Dribblers League and the Ketchikan, Alaska Youth Football League. For the adults, there is basketball and softball. The Gateway Recreation Center, established in the early 1990′s, furnishes several different athletic outlets. Activities include basketball, soccer, roller-skating, racquetball, handball, aerobics, martial arts, and even fitness equipment. During winter months, snowshoes and alpines skis may be rented. A full-size competition swimming pool is also available, as well as saunas and a warm-down pool. Don’t know how to swim? No problem. Master swimmers give lessons on technique, fitness and endurance.


It is truly inspiring to experience southeast Alaska from the sea, taking in picturesque scenery on a ferry, private charter or your own craft. The Alaska Marine Highway, traveling the waters of the Inside Passage year round, provides service for passengers and vehicles. If you come in your own watercraft, call the local visitors’ bureau ahead of time to verify mooring. If you want an intimate tour of Ketchikan’s waterways, venture out in a canoe or kayak or even a bicycle. If you want to venture out on land on your own, there are several car rental options in Ketchikan.