Best Location and Fishing Methods

With an annual income of 175,000 Chinook (king) on average, the Nushagak River is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world for Chinook salmon fishing. The limited fishing pressure it receives and the special characteristics of this river make it an ideal place for the angler looking for quality as well as quantity.

Although their kings fail to meet the sizes of the Kenai River monsters, for example, are much more numerous and the river receives much less fishing pressure from anglers. If we compare their figures with those of famous Karluk River on Kodiak, we see that the Nushagak offers entrance is usually about ten times larger. The average size of Chinook salmon in the Nushagak is around 10 kilos, but can reach 25 kilos.

Fly caught Alaskan King Salmon.jpg

The Nushagak River is a river of dark background but clear water and an average width of 150 meters in the areas surrounding our camp. The average profanity in this area can be of 2-4 meters depending upon the season. The guides are well established camp numerous salmon concentration areas near the camp including a major staging area just in front of the camp. Most guides have more than five years fishing the river are surely the best in the area.

Our camp is located about 50 miles upstream from the mouth in Bristol Bay. Just on the border of the area of influence of the tides that have this area (sometimes up to almost 10 meters). For this strategic location, during the most critical moments of the entrance of kings, each trip can leave thousands of copies just entering the sea in just the pools adjacent to the camp. During this time of the season, there is nothing exceptional to be drawn 100 salmon in one day from a boat.

The most effective way to fish the Nushagak king salmon is drifting using salmon roe as bait. Fishing generally letting the bait gingerly runs through the stony bottom of the river as the boat down the river to drift. Bites can be very subtle, but most are quite clear.

On the other hand, the fly fisherman can enjoy great fishing; fly fishing for king’s typical Alaska as the “fat freddy”, using a sunken head of 250-300 g. From the shore, fly them out to become an exciting challenge if hooked a fresh copy over 15 kilos.

If at any time , you want to rest the hard work of kings Salmon Fishing Tips , there is always the option of trying to catch some salmon chum or stop at any of the stops for incoming water fish for pike .

The fishing days are usually split into two. Usually goes for about four hours in the morning and stopped at noon for an hour or two to eat and rest before returning another four hours in the afternoon. Departures are in large boats about 7 meters long outside abordos equipped with powerful 150 hp. Usually boats are shared among groups of up to 4 people. The guides provide all necessary equipment and bait to fish during the regular. Fishing Season starts on June 17 to July 24, this is the Best Dates. All are good but the largest usually salmon entries between the last week of June and first two weeks of July. The available species are Chinook, chum, sockeye, pink, and Coho during the latter part of the season. There are also resident populations of rainbow trout and brook trout, pike plus stops water areas. The location of the camp is located along the Nushagak River about 50 miles upstream from its mouth in the Bristol Bay, in the south west of Alaska. It is about 50 miles west of Dillingham. To access the camp, we usually fly to Anchorage where we stayed one night before proceeding on a scheduled flight to Dillingham. In Dillingham seaplane take us to the camp in a 25-minute flight.


Knowing the site where you can find a best catches, you must need to know the fishing methods.


Basic rules for the use of traps


Knowing build traps not guarantee obtaining food. If we put the traps haphazardly, anywhere, without having clear what we hunt, it’s likely that we go to bed without supper.


First we observe the site to get an idea of what we can find and where. The best time for this is the dawn. We must find footprints; droppings, tracks and other clues reveal the presence of hunting. Many mammals, especially smaller ones, have regular habits. We can find their burrows or their paths marked in the morning dew or voids and galleries in the bushes.


If we have a stable camp, we put many traps as we monitor and review them in the morning and evening. The mechanisms should easily soar to prevent fleeing prey with bait.

Snare traps


Snare traps are simple and cruel. To hunt small animals like rabbits, can be built with string, strong fishing line, wire, etc. The bond will have the thickness of a fist and 4 fingers will be placed soil.

Snare traps

Mechanism in the form of four


This is a classic and effective device that is often used to support slabs that kill animals by crushing. It is useful for hunting both mammals and birds. If we substitute the slab by a basket can capture them alive.


Bait traps


Allow catch small birds like thrushes and blackbirds and waterfowl. They are simply baited hooks, for example with worms, and are extremely cruel and painful for animals, outrageously trying to flee, so it’s best to place them near our camp and review them frequently.

Bait trap


There are other types of traps to hunt large animals based on heavy weights falling and stabbing with spears and sticks. They are very dangerous as they can kill or injure a person accidentally actuate the mechanism.



If we find a river or stream our survival is almost assured as the rivers there is a greater concentration of food.



No makeshift rig will be as effective as a good steel hook attached to a line, so it is important to always take our team. In general, they say that the best times to fish are early morning and evening. When a storm approaches can also be a good time, though, the fish can bite at any time of day or night. If you are lack of line or hooks, you have to improvise. As line is easier to use thread of our clothes to improvise a braid plant fibers (nettle, thistle …). The hooks are usually improvised wooden or spines, but we can also use nails, safety pins and other sharp objects. Baits will find them in the river itself, looking under rocks and vegetation between the shore and the surrounding area. The best way to know what the fish feed is first open the stomach of us to catch.

Hook improvised

Hand Fishing


The system is banned in Spain and very effective in shallow water as it takes a little practice. Better not realize where animals’ dangerous (electric eels, poisonous water snakes …). It involves inserting the hand carefully under rocks, roots or cavities where fish tend to hide the belly in search of animals. Hand glides gently to the gills and sink in them between your thumb and forefinger to catch them.

Spear fishing, spear or trident


Fishing in deep water these tools requires practice and skill due to the distortion of light. However, in shallow water can enter these rigs under rocks and in holes and stringing fish. Of course, there is an illegal method. We can easily improvise wooden spear with a sharp point of bone or carved in the wood itself.



Hooks are baited and left tied to a flexible branch of the river waiting to sting a fish. It is a fairly effective and completely illegal.


We must not forget that apart from fish, waterways offer other food sources, such as frogs, crabs, mollusks and reptiles.

One of a kind Salmon Fishing Experience in Alaska

The reason why Alaska Fishing becomes most fishermen dream is because Alaska’s oceans, rivers and lakes are full of record breaking long runs of salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic char beautiful, barn halibut door and many other challenging sport fish.


Alaska Fishing Trips

Weather conditions in May and June can be great for salmon fishing by the sun directly for more than thirty days. Apart from fishing in Alaska can also dig clams, search octopus, mussels collect and investigate for jellyfish, sea urchins, starfish, jumps, periwinkles and much more at low tide.


So many anglers only here about fishing in Alaska somewhere, and book your trip without even considering the type of fish to go after. Preferably, go after a guy who has had experience in the past, because it has the greatest chance of success. Once this is determined, then find the best place to fish in Alaska.


Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip


Alaska  fishing trip is one of the favorites in Alaska travel. There are different types of salmon king salmon, sockeye, Coho, and pink salmon. King salmon usually weigh between 20 and 40 pounds, but sometimes can weigh more than 100 pounds. You can fish them all year round, either fresh or salt water, with or without fishing boat.


There are many methods to catch king salmon, silver salmon, and pink salmon. Sometimes the techniques are still dependent on the time of day, water, tides, and the position on the river. You can catch the hook back- bounce (barley King Salmon eggs), back- trolling Spin -n- Glow (engine is connected to a hook with king salmon eggs) and back- dragging banana shaped (barley with herring or even without).


Fly fishing is also possible to catch a salmon, but is perfect for clean water for this election. While using flies is the best way to catch red salmon.


Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodges


There are plenty of fishing lodges in Alaska, and with almost all of them, you can book online with them, and also if you go with a large group, you will save more money. I’d recommend 5-10 find your friends and go fishing with them, and you can get a better deal than going alone or with others.


Another thing I’d highly recommend, especially if you have never been fishing in Alaska is hiring a guide to show you the hot spots, especially if you are in a large body of water. The smaller, there’s really no point, but if you plan on fishing, a fishing guide is essential.


As a destination of world fisheries, Alaska salmon fishing lodge offers unspool beauty, quality accommodations, good food, comfort, incredible fishing, best equipped and the best guides, and some fishing lodges offer fishing in many remote streams.


If you are planning a fishing vacation in Alaska, make sure you plan ahead. There are plenty of guide services that will be able to help, but some of them tend to fill up pretty quick each time the salmon are running. Make sure you hire a guide service confidence to go out on the water and catch fish in the shortest time possible.


In the winter months, you should dress very warmly. In other seasons, dress in layers to sudden temperature changes can be accommodated as fishing all day or over the course of a week or weekend. Alaska Salmon fishing will provide some of the most memorable fishing opportunities you will ever have in your life.

Easy Activity For Novice Anglers

Many people are having problems with finding the best activity you can do. People may be tired of regular outdoor activities would be within your area or simply do not know what they want to do. If you are one of those people who have problems with their choices, why not try Alaska halibut salmon fishing as one of the chosen activity. At present there are many people who choose this activity because of all the benefits it can give. Rather than simply make a person more relaxed, the location itself has been a great place for people to be impressed by nature. But even with all its benefits, many people are still skeptical in this activity because they think ING is only for fish experts. The good news is that even beginners can have a lot of fun and should not be intimidated by the Alaska fishing halibut salmon for the following reasons.


kenai river king salmon fishing

All resources are available online A simple search on the Internet and give people the best resources you can get for fishing. A number of fishing lodges and charter services are available online and gives them the opportunity to book over the internet easily. Since you can easily find these lodges online, you can choose from the best options they can get. Pricewise, the comparison can also be made through the website to find more affordable lodging packages offered in the market.


No problem with gears one of the things that can intimidate the first-time fishermen in Alaska salmon fishing halibut doing is finding the right gear. First, you may want to buy their gear, but they have no idea what to choose. In addition, this gear can be expensive for your budget for a beginner. Luck, fishing boats that offer these lodges have gears they need for fishing. Therefore, everything is ready for them. All you need to do is get on board, get ready, and then cast their fishing rods. That’s all there is to do!


Expert tips Alaska salmon fishing halibut can be intimidating for beginners, but the truth is they are not alone once fished. After riding his first fishing boat charter, will have the best fishing guides are also experts in Alaska. They can be the best source of tips and tricks that will help people in order to fish properly and get the best out of the area. Therefore, these experts feel comfortable fishing, since fish and even acquire some tips that can be used in the future if you want to be serious in this activity.


In short, it is understandable that fishermen for the first time may feel intimidated with the activity. Fortunately, Alaska salmon fishing halibut is easy for them with all these features that work together in the process. You can fish without any problems and just enjoy the fact that they have all the help you need for fun.

For some who are building their nest in fishing, Alaska salmon fishing guide is the best way to start. The time in Alaska is not so stable; you have to control reporting in order to have a safe fishing. During the activity, you can pursue different types of salmon, first is the popular Chinook or king salmon, which is the largest of all types, the next is the size silver. The Coho or Chinook is an about 20 to 70 pounds, compared with silver weighs only 8-12 pounds. Yes want something delicious, but not as big as the Chinook and Coho salmon can try red or salmon red flesh. It is sought by the normal fisherman. It’s the size that is suitable for meals. Well, in reality, people are always looking for the big companies.

If you really dream of a great fishing, Alaska salmon consider fishing. Start guide with your mates. The good to go in a group where they share the same passion also can avail of packages that can save his charge. You can seek the advice of professionals in the hunt to catch large. The fans can even take it to places where you can see the fascination salmon. Apart from sizes of practical fishing techniques, you can also buy books in fishing. The regards Alaskan waters salmon is abundant, so you do not have to wait for the season to get the great catch. Another reason that makes your stay worthwhile is the clutch size of the fish that will encourage you to go fishing.

Find the best salmon fishing guide in Alaska, so your trip will be productive and enjoy. A specialized guide will help you find the best garden where you can rest your back after long hours of fishing. Can give in views that will leave you breathe? It will see to it that you get the most out of what pay. They prioritize the safety of the guests rather than the rate that they get. Easy to go with and accessible, and are useful to clients. There are times when your trip depends on the guide you can break contract. Your emotion or relaxation. Take pleasure in level of adventure of his life in Alaska!

Zion Park Adventures

Human beings are generally very daring and always seeking for adventure. If you are the adventure chasing type, then you must consider visiting the Zion National Park to try out the fun and adventure filled package offered in an around the park. Some of the most interesting adventures in the Zion Park include ATV riding, paint ball, Horseback riding, wall climbing and rappelling, and trampoline bungee jumping. These are just some of the things you can do while in using one of many hotels in St George Utah.

Kolob Terrace Road - Zion National Park, UtahPhoto Credit: Isaac Borrego

ATVs are very compact toy-like muscle vehicles used to traverse the dense landscape around the park. However, do not let their toy-like nature deceive you. These are custom built full throttle vehicles designed to comfortably blast through the rocky and hilly terrains of the park, and pass through intense stream beds. You would be intrigued by the power and speed of these big toys, as you blast your way through the course. There is even more fun and glory when you decide to get dirty and speed through the mud and make splashes as you go. However, ATV tours are limited to visitors with a valid drivers license or learners permit, and must be over the age of 16. However, smaller ATV’s or Golf carts may be provided for those under 16. You must however agree to the fact that ATV riding might be dangerous, and you are therefore responsible for your actions, and could be asked to discontinue any further participation in the tour, if you are found responsible for any act that may cause possible damage or harm to others or yourself.

Paintball is another very exciting activity you do not want to miss while at Zion. There are many courses with a lot of space dedicated just for the game of paintball. Paintball is more exciting here because the arena is naturally designed with lots of obstacles and locations where you can easily take cover or camouflage without easily being noticed, as you take revenge on opponents and cover them up in paint. The paintball ground has been further customized to create opportunities for you to sneak around your opponents and knock them out. In fact, the experience can be measured to that of a US Marshal in combat, but only less dangerous.

While at Zion Park, you could test your guts by going visiting a shotgun range. The shooting range is safely located at a considerable distance away from human or animal settlement, to ensure that the only casualties are the targeted clay pigeons or cans. Though hunting is prohibited in or around the park, grab a taste of the hunting experience in this natural environment by shooting on flying cans or clay pigeons that are being thrown across the valley with a provided 20 gauge shotgun. You also have the option of shooting stationary target that have been placed against the hillside. It is possible to bring your own gun for this exercise, but strict rules apply in such situations.

If you have a passion for riding on horseback, or maybe you are just eager to learn the art of horseback riding, then you should consider signing up for a horseback riding tour. Zion Ponderosa Ranch resort, working in collaboration with East Zion Adventures, is just one of the many places where you can actually get a one on one horseback riding training with some of the most experienced wranglers you could possibly imagine. Just an hour in the training session could immediately eliminate all your fears about horses, and transform you into an almost perfect horse rider.  You would be teamed up with the most suitable young, strong, and well trained horses that would gracefully carry you as you embark on the ride of your life.

Zion National Park Kid’s Camping Adventures

When we think of national parks in all their beauty and grandeur we often don’t associate them with our kids. Bringing them along to see the majesty of what this world has created. Oft times because it’s seen as a rugged and harsh place out in nature, out in the wild where there are outside dangers that we often are prepared for. But if you are willing to do some homework and find the right hikes and guided adventures then taking your kids to a place like Zion National Park is a fantastic idea. That’s what we did recently as we used a Utah national park hotel as our staging area before our endeavors out into the mother natures playground. The kids were prepared and ready for some hiking, biking, and all around good time. And us, the parents were prepared to whip them out everyday so they would sleep like they’ve never slept before. And as well they would begin to get an appreciation for the big beautiful world they have all around them; that their video games just don’t compare to real life.

HikingPhoto Credit: Moyan Brenn

Zion National Park is a hot spot for tourists and adventurers from all over the world. It is also a perfect location to visit when in need of a perfect vacation home, or when you are planning a retreat. But what happens when you have to go on a cherished hiking adventure, or an ATV guide around the park, and your little six year old insists on making the trip with you? Well, we all know that taking the risk to go on such a long tiring walk, or potentially dangerous ride with your kids could place you both in great danger, and completely shatter your plans to have as much fun as you would desire. In fact some tours or adventures are prohibited for kids below eleven, and some for even those below sixteen.

What then are the options at hand? Do you shut your kids up in your room or cabin and take off, to let them battle with fate till you return? Or do you give up that adventure which you have been planning for a very long time? Well, if you consider either of the above options, you would both be on the loosing side; and the whole fun idea of the trip would not be achieved. Besides you know how dangerous it is to leave a toddler unsupervised in a room for even a second. Well then, any other options?

So what are you waiting for? Round up your kids and take them to a national park where they can experience the awe inspiring mountain monoliths for themselves.

The Things To Do In Ketchikan

During our time in Ketchikan at an Alaskan fishing lodge we soon found there was many more alaskan activities to do than just slay the mighty king salmon. Soon we became overwhelmed at how much we could do realizing we had so little time to accomplish so much. Here are some of the best things to do while in Ketchikan Alaska.

Boating / Diving

While in Ketchikan, you can engage in some undersea exploration with the help of the Wind & Water Dive Center, or enjoy sailing with the Ketchikan Ocean Racing Circuit.


If you seek solitude while in Ketchikan, reserve one of the remote cabins the U.S. Forest Service maintains within 75 miles of the community. Some sit on the seashore, others are on the shores of lakes and the banks of streams and estuaries. A number are so remote, they are only accessible by floatplane. The accommodations in the cabins are truly rustic. They include plywood bunks, oil or wood stoves, and outhouses. Contact the Forest Service to reserve one of them.

Ketchikan Alaska range and activitiesPhoto Credit:Steve Betts


Exploring the sea is not the only thing you will want to do while in Ketchikan. You will also want to hike the miles of trails surrounding the town maintained by the Ketchikan Outdoor Recreation and Trails Coalition. The trails traverse a little bit of everything, from seashores to mountaintops.


If you want to catch a baseball game, or play a little basketball, it is available here, too. There are tons of sports leagues and recreational groups such as the youth Dribblers League and the Ketchikan, Alaska Youth Football League. For the adults, there is basketball and softball. The Gateway Recreation Center, established in the early 1990′s, furnishes several different athletic outlets. Activities include basketball, soccer, roller-skating, racquetball, handball, aerobics, martial arts, and even fitness equipment. During winter months, snowshoes and alpines skis may be rented. A full-size competition swimming pool is also available, as well as saunas and a warm-down pool. Don’t know how to swim? No problem. Master swimmers give lessons on technique, fitness and endurance.


It is truly inspiring to experience southeast Alaska from the sea, taking in picturesque scenery on a ferry, private charter or your own craft. The Alaska Marine Highway, traveling the waters of the Inside Passage year round, provides service for passengers and vehicles. If you come in your own watercraft, call the local visitors’ bureau ahead of time to verify mooring. If you want an intimate tour of Ketchikan’s waterways, venture out in a canoe or kayak or even a bicycle. If you want to venture out on land on your own, there are several car rental options in Ketchikan.

Our Time In Ketchikan Alaska

Trust us, recreation in Ketchikan, Alaska is not limited to fishing for King Salmon! Recently we spent some time at an Alaska fishing lodge in Ketchikan, but we did more than just fish as the the surrounding area offers many different activities, from snowmobiling to hiking to judo to chess. Below are some of the museums and exhibits you might enjoy during your stay in Ketchikan, Alaksa:

 -Tongass Historical Museum

-Dolly’s House

-The Saxman

- Totem Bight and the Totem Heritage Center

- Art and Craft Galleries and Shops

Ketchikan Alaska fishing lodgePhoto Credit:Frank Kovalchek
Ketchikan, Alaska is home to many galleries displaying a wide variety of art, including native art and handicrafts. It also hosts many arts-themed festivals, thanks to the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council. The most popular aspect, however, is the visual and performing arts composed of the community’s performing arts groups such as the First City Players, Ketchikan Theater Ballet and Ketchikan Community Band, host performances all year round.

Well-known crafters also reside in Ketchikan, adding to the rapidly increasing arts scene. The people share creative development, designs and accomplishments. Among the local concoctions popular in Ketchikan is the Wearable Art Show every February. It is free for anyone with a passion for fashion, giving them the opportunity to showcase their stuff along the runway.

If you want arts, Ketchikan surely has them. The community’s galleries and events are ideal for amateurs and professionals. When you visit, do not miss the arts scene in this charming southeast Alaskan town.

As mentioned, a lot of activities are available. You can attend native craft and dance exhibitions. You can experience the granite cliffs and glaciers of Misty Fjords National Monument. Visiting the Metlakatla Indian Community and nearby Prince of Wales Island is a must. You can also find the perfect souvenir of your trip at Ketchikan’s variety of galleries and shops.

Some of the most popular activities in Ketchikan include:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Scenic Flights
  • Boating
  • Wildlife Viewing (Ocean and Land)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Logging Shows
  • Shopping
  • Bear Tours
  • The Theater