GOLF as a Sport

The construction of a golf course begins with selecting the site, analyzing factors such as proximity to urban centers, natural beauty, and cost of property acquisition, environmental permits, available water resources, soil characteristics and relief.

The proximity of urban centers, although more expensive property acquisition maintenance and barateará attract more players to the field, resulting in increased sales of Green Fee. Another advantage of this proximity , it is the ability to have a higher return on investment , be it a residential condominium  just a resort or a golf club , due both to the greater number of stakeholders in the project , the greater the value the proximity of urban area .

The natural beauty is another factor that adds to the property, but attracts more customers and enhances the design. A field with a privileged view is for the ocean, mountains or native vegetation, has a great advantage. The presence of lakes also beautifies the field and the game difficulty increases, the presence of trees or around your high kill prevents the wind divert the course of the ball and they reach hazardous locations near field.

Ideal for the golf course soil should be slightly sandy, which facilitates the drainage of water from rain or irrigation. It may seem a detail; lawns without efficient drainage restrict the presence of players or machinery lawn maintenance for several days. Several fields in the United States and other countries are built in desert regions because the improvement of technologies, both for soil correction, such as irrigation and development of specific grams, enabled the construction of golf courses in almost all regions.

Ideal for a golf relief must have mild undulations. A flat missed the game with a few challenges and even boring (after an 18- hole course has approximately six miles long and a tough match an average of four and a half hours). On the other hand, a steep terrain relief service requires a costly excavation, since golf requires large areas.

The presence of abundant water resources such as rivers or lakes is indispensable due to the need for irrigation of grass. A golf course of 18 holes need averaged 1.5 to 2 million liters of water per day. The computerization of irrigation systems significantly reduces the need for water, despite increasing the initial cost of the system.

A championship golf course has nine or eighteen holes, i.e., nine or eighteen fairways (hallway of the golf course between the tee and the green, between the site of the first shot and the hole). Each Fairway is 25-30 feet wide and 300-500 feet long. The length of the Fairways defines the number of “pair” field. The “pair” is the number of strokes needed to put the ball in the hole. Fairway has a pair of three to five, i.e., it takes three to five strokes to put the ball in the hole. Considering these numbers, more security clearances and the spaces between the Fairways, a golf course with nine holes require an area of approximately 25-30 acres and the 18-hole, 40 to 50 acres. Unofficial camps, residential condominiums and resorts, for example, may be smaller, with three or six holes (ideally be a multiple of three, the player to make 18 holes, giving complete circuits of the field).

The grass should suit both the type of soil, climate and water availability, as the purpose of the field. There are fields with different priorities: some, such as resorts, beauty is essential, in others the important thing may be the initial cost and maintenance cost; amateur or professional use, heavy use, including electric vehicles, or sporadic use. There are currently grams to meet the most diverse requirements. As the company has Itograss hundred varieties of twenty species of grasses, spread over several farms in other countries.

The cost of deploying a golf course can leave U.S. 150,000 to U.S. $ 2.5 million (or more), not counting the cost of acquisition of ownership. This value will vary depending on the required earthworks , landscaping (which may include the construction of lakes, forests , gardens ) , Grass chosen , the irrigation system , maintenance of equipment , infrastructure ( Club House , Driving Range , Putting Green Chipping Green ) , etc. .

There is currently a search for golf courses ” designer ” , i.e. , designed by world-renowned architects , with the intention not only to create a good field , but especially to add value to the investment. Below are some of the best known golf courses of Brazilians and their designers:


Tips of Choosing Golf

Field Golfe Escolher a golf course to play regularly should be done very carefully. The place you play is often very important to their development as golfer. Some factors that should be considered are listed below.

Among the most important aspects to consider are location, cost, and the normal condition of the field, facilities, service and amenities. In addition to seeking a good place for you to practice 0f golf, need to choose a field that will allow you to invite colleagues and friends.

Of all the factors, the most important are the location and cost. If there is only one golf course near where you live, you will not need to look for another unless the fees are too high. There may be a more distant field whose cost to play outweighs the time spent on the road.

Playing golf is not cheap. If you have experience and plans to play for many years, a way to lower the cost is to become a member of a club. Typically, rates charged to members are significantly less than those charged for non – members. Another way to reduce spending on the game is to buy a package that allows the golfer to play more than one round at a reduced price.

Most players want to play in a manicured field. The grass of the fairways should be cut often, greens trimmed daily, will ¡ pruned trees and facilities maintained in proper operating condition.

The club must provide its Members Active clean and spacious dressing room, and a cafeteria or restaurant. A bonus that some golf clubs offer is a store of equipment. Thus, it is possible to buy balls, gloves, shoes, golf clubs and other equipment whenever need.

Finally, beyond the physical aspects of the club, it is important that employees of the club providing the highest quality service. Must be efficient and friendly, always treating players with all due respect.

The above tips should help you find a golf course that’s best for you so that even short this wonderful sport.


Small Business Advices and Marketing Tips

A local business is one that offers products or services in a particular establishment and requires clients to come to the same consumption.

Whether you talk about clothing stores, spa, dry cleaners, medical services, to a miscellany of design or a housing development. A local business “needs” that the customer visits your property to buy the product or service.

The local business we can also bring the online world, where the home or establishment can be a good e-commerce platform, but for purposes of this article we will discuss only those not yet sold via online, those thousands of SMEs that still require physical presence of the customer in your business to make sales.

The main difference between marketing a local business and one that is not based on the territoriality, a local business need to be physically and generally found their main area of influence and the target is around.

Then I leave you 10 tips that can help you achieve capture the attention of your target. Remember of course according to your business, turn some ideas and philosophy will serve well than others.

1. Your Local should talk to you

Have Your Home projecting your brand and the importance you give them to your customers, not your products or services. Watch details: cleaning, odors, maintenance, order and accessibility. Intended comfortable for your customer traffic areas and offer them the experience they want to live in your business.

If you’re a doctor, offers comfort while the client waits his turn, good armchairs, coffee or water, music, NEW magazines, TV or Wi-Fi.

If you are a spa, offers an atmosphere of tranquility, confidence, personalization, smells nice, soft sounds and relentless presentation of staff and facilities.

If you are a primary school, offers bright, friendly atmosphere, smiles, warmth, a comfortable area and reports to give a planned route.

Crème when I tell you these little details make the difference in the customer experience and no matter how large, complex or easy are your product / service can find ways to make it unique and special for your visits.

2. Advertising in your Local

It is very important that you invest in a good external signage, a great neon sign that attracts attention immediately. Accompanied posters, displays or boards, as appropriate, to make it accessible to the prospect know you better know what you offer and how they can buy your products / services.

It’s also great to have on hand the brochures or flyers with this information, people will not have time to shop at the time, but you can bring information to remember and do it later.

Always delivers a business card to people visiting you, use them as custom flyers, and try to be attractive and original.

Do all the branding that you can within your local, examples: your pictures are from satisfied customers, your cabinets have the logo of your brand, your uniforms have your brand and your colors, your tags are personalized, etc. Use your brand in everything you can.

3. Local Advertising and Specialized

When choosing which media to use to promote yourself, who cares a lot and if you are local business warrants that are too specialized.

The best advertising for these businesses is one that is segmented by specific market areas. Examples: Local Newspapers or Magazines, leafleting, Spectacular, Directories.

Most import into your advertising to make it effective are the message you use it, remember always include a call to action, address and phone.

Non-local mass media such as radio, newspapers and magazines can help you if your brand is already positioned or if you are launching your business, but the truth is that I advise start segmented by means colonies or specialization.

4. Cross Selling

Weapon service packages to cross your sales and increase them. No matter what your line of business, just like McDonalds you can offer complementary products for every purchase:

If you’re a doctor you can provide medicine or vitamins at lower cost after certain consultations.

If you have a tummy you can provide vitamin ampules for hair after a dye.

If you sell houses moving you can offer a lower cost after each purchase.

If you have a cake business you can offer a coffee to go after each purchase.

There are many examples; the idea that you use your creativity in attractive packages that fit invited to buy more at lower prices.

5. Secondary Products

Do not let your whole business revolves around the star product or service, develop other products / services that allow you to have extra innings.

If you have a dental office, you could place a display case with hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc.

If you have a SPA you can sell to your clients’ books on health, nutrition, recipes, beauty tips, etc.

If you have a party room you can have as byproducts piñatas, decorations, invitations or printing shows.

Looking for an extra entry, this means that other client can reach your business for them, but have not yet been decided by the product / service principal.

6. BTL for SMEs

Make attractive and unusual your promotion is a d the best ways to differentiate your offerings from the competition.

The BTL campaigns are usually associated with big brands and hence to large budgets, but the reality is that they can be an invaluable tool for SMEs creatively innovate without fear.

An original flyer distributed in an original, unique and creative poster strategically placed, cards unusual that you distinguish, a car that speaks to your brand wherever you go.

Just remember that music outside your local blasting is not only NOT a BTL strategy but contrary to what you have said more than a scare attracts attention.

7. Strategic Alliances

Learn teamwork among SMEs is one of the best marketing strategies and fewer are out there.

Look at your neighbors and check in his business and how yours can create more promotion, advertising and sales. Some may have the same type of customer your business, even if they sell different things, recomiéndense each other, share portfolio and marketing budgets.

8. Do not forget to be Online

It is time for you to understand that no matter how small or simple it must be in your internet business, and be well. That means having a website aimed at your customers with valuable information that builds trust, which you have evidence of your quality and results.

Depending on your market and turn social networks are also an important part of your online strategy. Let me find them, monitors and generates loyal community conversations to your business. Amplifies your posts.

9. What you find on map

Being a local business address and your location is essential, so you must give it high in Google and Foursquare at least. Link your location on your Face book, Blog and Web Site. It is easy to find your location on the Internet.

10. Make it easy to recommend

One of the main reasons why the majority of SMEs is sold by the “recommendation”, so having a good Referral Plan is indispensable.

Do not let your customers randomly speak well of you, impulses, encourage them and tell them how they can recommend.

Small Business advices and Strategies

Customers capricious; materials difficult to obtain; A tight labor market; these are reasons enough for the small business owner learn all you can about smart as loans and plan ahead. Actually, make astute can be the difference between
Success and failure financial decisions. Here are four proven tips that can help you through difficult times and to ensure;
The stability of your business.
Borrow wisely.

When a new company is administered, there is more than one way to borrow. Credit cards and loans for small businesses are
Just few of the options currently available. Deciding which option is best for you, needs to develop a cash flow analysis to determine your needs, assess your repayment capability and understand the factors that a financial institution considers to grant a loan or line of credit. – About

Review your business plan.

Customers praise their products and their company is renowned for offering a consumer service first class, but still loses money. If this is the case, it is time to review your business plan. How has the market changed? Are you paying too much in interest? Or maybe its cash flow projections are no longer accurate. In any case, review your business plan can help you straighten its course.

The Advertising at the Point of Sale (POS)

When one studies the concept of Promotion, emerges as something of an operational nature rather advertising at point of sale. Maybe that’s why; being something of an operational nature, often not repaired in true importance it has, or the effect can it have on the sales of any point of sale. A recent study in Spain highlights us this error.
Point of Sale
Photo Credit: fgirardin
The survey on consumption habits conducted by POPAI Association (May 2005) shows that 70 % of buying decisions are made in supermarkets in the hotel, not before. And, since it may take considerable time since the consumer sees the ad on TV until go to the store, promotions at the point of sale are more important than ever alternative.

The same study found that buying a stock called “planned specifically” which is characterized by having scheduled the purchase of the product and brand, constitute 30% of all purchasing decisions.

The act of buying white chocolate and choose the brand in establishing decision known as “planned generically” and adds 8% of the decisions. “Replacement Purchases ” refer to those in which the consumer has plan to purchase a particular brand but just buying another , represent only 1 % of the total. Finally, the “unplanned purchases”, those in which the consumer had not planned to buy chocolate, but chocolate takes a particular brand, up 61%.

Therefore, if we add the planned and buy generic way substitute the unplanned, the result reaches 70% of purchasing decisions made on site. Thereby, the opportunity to influence the customer’s decision through advertising at the point of sale is clear.

In addition there are still ways to improve these results in the way of communicating the messages, according to data provided by other global marketing association POPAI reveals that dynamic display (digital signage) increase sales by 83 %, while the static made by 39 % and see how it has been applied to large stores and malls, reaching the cities of the future we saw only in feature films.

To better differentiate the PLV other actions from Aplus Field Marketing we understand that we must consider that:

* The role of PLV is to convey a persuasive message that will attract people who are in the trade. Its packaging or merchandising
* This is the action of an agent that sells its products at the point of sale where you place your material PLV. In this sense, the material used for trade for signaling products and qualities is not PLV.

The basic objectives of this action are:

* Catch the attention of the public about the product, which is not always easy considering the conditions of the act of purchasing: rush, many products, each accompanied by commercial support, overwhelmed at times of saturation.
* Provide information to the public to support the launch, as reminder advertising to announce special offers or promotional in nature.
* Encourage the point of sale, completing the decor and ambience of the trade.
There are many media to convey a message of PLV. There are materials and adaptations already worked to maximize the effect, some especially suitable for outdoor point of sale and others to fulfill their role within the store. We highlight some of them: Or poster
Or Display, which comes to a sign with a stand that allows you to sustain them.
Stop or panel that seeks to stop the potential customer to see the information it contains.
Or traditional or light panel
Or exhibitor or distributor of the product, which makes the scope of the product or information by the buyer himself
Material or animated
Or Stand or information booth
Or mobile, banners and other resources those are suspended and move with the air.
Or sound or audiovisual PLV, which allows using the very possibilities of these media offering, for example, use the product demonstrations.
These actions can be enhanced in large surfaces promoting at the point of sale.

The point of sale and marketing strategy

We know that about 75% of the decisions to buy a significant number of these choices are made precisely at the point of sale and although certainly many of these decisions to buy are motivated by prior advertising exposure to the brand in question , are the result attributes of the point of sale.
The selling point is formed by several elements or attributes, which together stimulate or discourage the movement of the product, are:

Product packaging:
This by others stresses the importance of packaging design, and sales strategy. A proper balance between form, material, colors, graphics and texts in designing a package may cause vision born of attraction.

The merchandiser cabinet:
The exhibitor furniture also plays a key role in the purchase decision for this reason it is a good idea, design furniture displays or displays, provided this is feasible according to the policies and spaces establishments expend the article in question .
Where it is not possible to have an area to locate the display merchandiser or cabinet design and needed to own furniture limited commercial property, it is essential to constantly keep the area stocked and tidy display in the most attractive way possible.

The POP item:
The point of sale materials are a valuable tool that largely makes the difference between simple display of a product or brand and communicating this to the consumer. Striking, understandable, memorable and strategically distributed POP materials significantly stimulate the movement of product from the shelf to the grocery cart.

Staff demonstration:
Hostesses and demonstrators are an element that reinforces shaped by other significant communication between consumer and brand, but if used improperly can backfire. The big selling point on the staff should be selected according to its user to interact with people and communication skills and use of language and in addition to this we must provide the necessary background to meet the training product, its function, benefits, advantages, weaknesses, etc.

Affordable Travel Vacation With Your Family

When the school holidays approaching, many parents with children begin to think how to spend time with their children, and certainly one of the most popular options is to take a vacation. However, there are some travel vacation destinations that challenge the trend that you can’t see something or do something amazing like a Zion jeep tours without braking the bank, because you can.

Affordable Fort Wayne Family Vacations

Because we all know that is not the same traveling alone, as a couple, what with children, we must pay special attention to the preparation of the trip, the choice of hotel and the destination. There are places designed for a second honeymoon, others where one would you go with your best friends and others who seem to have been designed for children who love to travel.

It’s best to start preparations, weeks or months before the day of the game, and do it with the help of small. Interestingly alternatives and give them ideas that may be of interest to them, and that they themselves decide where to go and what to visit. This process, if done in time, the children will end up deluding and consider that the trip is also something of yours, something they have decided.

Studies have shown that it is beneficial to health to leave behind their daily lives at least once a year and go on a family trip of some kind. But with affordable family holidays still low (so it seems), how can anyone today afford to have your family on vacation?

Is that so much money! It may not seem but when you start adding up all the costs of gas if you go by car, plane , so if flying housing, money for food for restaurants, shows , rental cars if needed. Whoa, everything comes to a huge amount!

Most people save for your vacation, but if you have had to use their savings to bills, so what? Is there really no way to take a family trip low cost?

Yes there are. A staycation where you stay at home and enjoy the sights that will never is a way to have fun, escape from daily stress, and save money.

Another way to take the family on a vacation for fewer dollars is to choose places that are out of the way and less touristy than the cost of the food, hotel, and entertainment is very low. If you are interested in going to a theme park, the choice of Disney World in Orlando will be a lot more expensive than choosing a place like Dolly wood in Tennessee.

Another good alternative is to rent an apartment or a house on the beach. The way to reduce costs is to invite other family members or friends to go along with you and share the cost of rent and groceries. The impressive thing about this is that saving money pitch in both of you. Above all, the beach is free, and there are plenty of activities that are cheap or free.

Now, do not go to the beach and cook every meal at home, because you should eat at times, but this is a great way to cut costs and make this one of the best affordable family vacation.